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elcome! Welcome one and all to the official online home of Bulk Entertainment. Accept no mirror site substitutes. Be sure to bookmark this site, and come back in nine years when things here finally get interesting.

My God!  It's our new web domain.  Extra special thanks to our webmaster for that one.  On the other hand we're still sporting the same look for the time being, but we hope to remedy this just as soon as we get our taxes done.  We're also hoping to make the site more interactive, by getting our webmaster to set up things like PHP, for example, but again, the taxes.

In the meantime, please enjoy our 2004 site in its brand new domain.  We've got some new Features, our Movie Hooligan is getting a little braver, and we've got game!  Just the one game so far.  Our Game Developer's still got this pesky Middle School to go to before he can do the job full time.  Enjoy!  

-the editorial staff (3/15/2004)

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